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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Texas Cheerleading Law and dance squads moves Create Controversy

Some schools hire dance choreographers to choreograph the moves. According to Tracy, a former school staff person who approves what the choreographer suggests as being hip, in, she stated that two students may be asked to execute the same numbers. Depending on their motivation and what they put into it, the results may be different. She even said that she would not let her own daughter go on a tryout for the few spots that exist on the cheer squad.

Tracy was was the cheerleading supervisor. She was walking a fine line between the school's administrator and what s' parents want. The competition can sometimes get the best of the parents to the chagrin of the other parents whose daughters are not on the cheer squad. After the of a few numbers, some parents blurt it out, "These cheers are ." On various occasions, Tracy had to pull the plug on a few dance moves she judged "too overly ual or explixit."

Having worked at various schools for many years, she is encouraging s to get on the basketball, volleyball or any other sports team or focus on their academics if the want to get a scholarship.

Tracy had to explain some of the cheers to many non-cheerleader parents who are very conservative in their views. Due to the impact of hip hop on the cheer music, many unpopular moves that a school chaperone would not approve tend to infiltrate the cheer music numbers.

Despite all the controversy created mostly by parents who don't approve such suggestive dances, come tryout times, hundreds of students want to be on the cheerleading teams. Anywhere from 400 to 500 s are trying out for 20 spots.

What's Tracy's advice? s' parents should take it easy. They should invest so much of themselves into cheering. Some school principals and administrators think some parents' behaviors when it comes to extracurricular activities such as sports and cheerleading are excessive. Some of thes behaviors even border the illegal realms.

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